Saturday, September 19, 2020

Experience beauty, look and ultimate self-care in Japan with Panasonic’s latest Sakura Pink Collection

A must-visit for beauty lovers! When it comes to visiting Japan, most of us would already have a set itinerary in mind, crafted with the plethora of information online...

Miss UJ Nanami DAISO Food Review!

Don't miss out on what Nanami has cooking this time from DAISO. Let us know what you think!

Explore with UNLOCK JAPAN with Miss UJ Carmen! UFO Instant Noodles

Follow Miss UJ Carmen as she visits the Shojikiya Store for a review of the UFO instant Noodles!

Explore 🔥 with 🌸 Miss Unlock Japan: Miss UJ Carmen Reviews Japanese Kit Candy...

Miss UJ Nanami’s Visit To Japan Expo 2019!

Follow Miss UJ Nanami on her adventure to Pavilion KL to watch Japan Expo 2019!

Explore 🔥 with 🌸 Miss Unlock Japan 🇯🇵: Miss UJ Carmen goes on a... Get started with your year 2020 Journal today with Miss UJ Carmen as she tries DAISO stationary!
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