1. The Travel Memories Kit Kat Vending Machine

Create a personalized Japanese Uji matcha green tea- flavored Kit Kat in Kyoto, in just 5 minutes! The vending machines which allows you to customize your Kit Kat package are installed by Nestlé Japan and are currently located inside the Omiyage Kaido (Souvenir Highway) JR Kyoto Station building for a fixed period of time only. Not only are you able to put your own photo on the package, but the postcard-like space at the back of the package which can be filled in with a personalized note, address, and stamps, means that you are able to mail the package from the station. Talk about a unique omiyage!

2. The Human-Shaped Robot: Pepper

The first humanoid robot called Pepper is now widely used in Japan especially at SoftBank Mobile Stores. These robots serve customers by welcoming, providing information, and even entertaining them. Pepper is likeable and interactive, with a capability to recognize human emotions and adapt to human behavior and moods. Indeed, Pepper makes a good companion as it can communicate with you intuitively and respond to you accordingly, through his body movements and his voice. Moreover, you may personalize Pepper by downloading additional applications to suit your demands. With all the amazing functions of Pepper, some Japanese families have already started adopting Pepper for their homes!

3. Henn Na Hotel (Robot Hotel)

Striving to become “The Ultimate in Efficiency” with its state-of-the-art technologies, Henn na Hotel, is a world-first hotel staffed by robots. The word “Henn” in Japanese literally means strange and represents the commitment for evolution, and at this ‘Strange Hotel’, guests are served by artificial staff, with the aim of maximizing efficiency, fun and comfort. Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) is extended to all guests by multi-lingual robots, from the front desk, to the robotic arm that will assist in storing your luggage in the cloakroom, and the porter that carries your luggage to your room. The use of a facial recognition system allows you to be free from the hassle of carrying around the room key and worry of losing it. As Japan is a world leader in in robotics engineering, there is much to expect when staying at Henn na Hotel; there is nothing but amazement over the efficiency and effectiveness of the robotic staff when taking care of their guests.

Find out more: http://www.h-n-h.jp/en/

4. Hands-Free Thanko’s Smaneck

Everyone’s favored chindogu (strange and “useless” gadgets) returns with Thanko’s Smaneck. This necklace like gadget is a brand new Smartphone Hands-free Neck Holder suitable for almost all standard-sized phones. It keeps your phone stable while keeping your your hands entirely unrestrained. The Smaneck is so convenient when you make a video or live stream a demonstration that uses your hands, as it would stabilize your phone while hanging from your neck. If you are a videography enthusiast, it would be the ideal phone stabilizer to aid you in taking the best shots!

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