1. Tell us about your business.
Supahands is a service for businesses, who want to scale on demand. We provide flexible solutions and a tech-driven team of awesome SupaAgents; made better with in-house innovative cloud technology to produce optimum output. We now have over 1000 workers in Indonesia and Malaysia. We would like to expand to resourceful countries like Japan.

2. What do you think about the opportunities in the market of Japan?
I think it is big market in Japan. Regarding to the outsourcing industry, Japan have a big opportunity to take part in the global market because hiring a Japanese workforce is expensive. Provisions for a low priced workforce is a great opportunity especially for outsourcing industry.

3. How does Japan attract you? Why are you interested in doing business in Japan?
Japan is one of the most resourceful countries in East Asia, which recently has decided to expand overseas. That provides opportunities for us to enter the Japanese Market.

4. What is the difficulties when you do business in Japan?
I think language is always a big problem. Last month, I had to rely on my phone to translate and communicate with the locals when I was hospitalized outside of Tokyo because of a cycling accident. Another difficulty is building the trust of the locals and companies because trust in Japan is a huge part of doing business there. Also, the localization of a product or service is one of the biggest issues. The best way to success in Japan is to have the connection and trust between Malaysian and Japanese cultures and businesses.

5. What is the big picture for you in the future?
I would like to have a physical office in throughout Asia. We are currently still working with lots of people around Asia online.


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