What are the origins of the brand?
Established in 1983 in the Sapporo region of Hokkaido, Japan, ROYCE’ had humble beginnings – a small and simple operation which sold freshly baked cookies. With the smell of cookies tempting nearby neighbours, word soon spread and ROYCE’ began taking orders from outside of Hokkaido through the telephone. ROYCE’ set out from the beginning to pride itself on the quality of its ingredients and its techniques employed, revolving around the fundamental principle of creating premium, yet affordable chocolates, ensuring that its products would be worthy challengers on the world chocolate market. ROYCE’ has since expanded throughout Asia. Sourcing its ingredients from the surrounding area in Hokkaido, a region renowned for its high quality farming and fresh dairy products, each and every bite of ROYCE’ chocolates bring your senses to Hokkaido.

How is ROYCE’ different from the rest of the chocolate available in Malaysia?
Distinctive from European chocolates, ROYCE’ products have a lighter texture and are less sweet, as well as a lot softer in their feel. Every product is carefully crafted under the watchful eyes of the founders, and ROYCE’ Malaysia sources the products straight from Japan and retails them directly, without the interference of middlemen. Further, the shelf life of our chocolates is 1-3 months (as opposed to the standard 6 months and up), which means that our chocolates don’t contain any preservatives and are manufactured freshly and consistently. Our local team has worked with our Japanese counterparts in streamlining the supply chain to ensure the consistent supply of fresh and superior quality chocolate to Malaysian customers.

What are the origins of the brand name ROYCE’?
Although popularly nicknamed as the ‘Rolls Royce of chocolate’, the name ROYCE’ actually came from its company president’s name, Yasuhiro Yamazaki. When reversed, his first name spells ‘Rohisuya’. Since ‘Ya’ in English means `to confect’, ‘Rohizu Confect’ became
‘Royce’ Confect’ when spelled and pronounced in English. Eventually, ‘Royce’ Confect’ was shortened to ROYCE’, which is what chocolate fans have come to know and love to this day.

What makes ROYCE’ chocolates truly luxury?
At ROYCE’, we create chocolate rich in aromas, flavours and textures which appeal to all of your senses. We pride ourselves in unique recipes, high-quality ingredients as well as the very best in Japanese innovation in production and packaging materials.

Japan is not typically known for chocolate. Do you think ROYCE’ can change that perception?
ROYCE’s values are inherently linked to its Japanese heritage – simplicity, quality, innovation and attention to detail. We believe that the Malaysian consumer has become very discerning and appreciative of such elements.




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