Picnics in Japan are Instagram-worthy

What comes up in your mind when you hear or see the word “Picnic”? Maybe a park, little sandwiches, and an old picnic blanket you find in the back of your storage. In fact, picnics are not very common anymore… except in Japan. Yes, picnics are making a comeback in Japan and this trend is sweeping the country!

These are called “Oshapiku” (おしゃぴく). It is very popular among young people especially on social media. The phrase “osha” comes from the word “oshare”, which means fashionable, and “piku” is derived from picnic. Fans of oshapiku plan their picnic food and layouts as creative and aesthetically pleasing as possible to make it a noticeably outstanding Instagram picture!

So pack your lunches, that retro picnic blanket, and have yourself a scrumptiously beautiful oshapiku at one of the country’s resplendent parks the next time you visit Japan!