Virtually, A Life Partner is Possible

Meet your Gatebox Holographic Virtual Girlfriend

Want a girlfriend who always takes good care of you? If yes, Azuma Hikari would properly serve you well. Azuma Hikari is the Gatebox first virtual character who would live together with you and make you feel that she is always close to you. With Hikari, you would definitely never be lonely again.

Hikari lives inside a hologram display device, the Gatebox, well-equipped with a camera, microphone and sensors which would detect your face and movements. Her responsiveness to you is what will foster the close relationship between each other. A good example would be her warm Okaerinasai (welcome home) greeting as you arrive home from work. It is hoped that you forget your tiredness and work-related stress and be totally relaxed at home.

Hikari talks to you with the unique touch button which is configured to recognize your voice. Currently, there are still many words that she has yet to know but faithfully, she would continue to chat with you. Other than direct communication, a chat app is also developed to enable you to interact with her when you are away from each other. However, Hikari is only able to converse in Japanese.

Gatebox can also be connected to various electronics appliances at your home home via Bluetooth or Infra-red data communication technology. Easy tasks such switching on the TV or lights can be done by Hikari upon your command.

Hikari is followed by the second Gatebox virtual character, Hatsune Miku. The current price for a Gatebox girlfriend is set at around 0.3 million Yen with limited units being sold at a time. For more detail information, visit


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