Thursday, October 24, 2019

Miss UJ Nanami’s Visit To Japan Expo 2019!

Follow Miss UJ Nanami on her adventure to Pavilion KL to watch Japan Expo 2019!

Gifting Season in Japan by Miss UJ Nanami

Nanami explains all about the culture of gifting, who gets gifts and types of gifts to buy!

DAISO at Tokyo Street [Snack Review] by Miss UJ Carmen Find out what goodies Carmen got this month!

HATOMUGI Skin Conditioner Lotion & Gel REVIEW by Miss UJ Rena Lets see what Miss UJ Rena has to say about the infamous Hatomugi Skin Conditioner!

Gachapon [Toy Capsule] Adventure in Malaysia with Miss UJ Nanami

Follow Nanami as she discovers 25C Art & Hobbies with Gachapon machines. Find out more about the Gachapon Heaven here!

Japanese Chopstick Etiquette by Miss UJ Rena Miss UJ Rena is about the share with you the 10 different things that you shouldn't do when using chopsticks in Japan!

Episode 2: Explore with Miss UJ Carmen – Japanese Snacks! In episode2 Carmen tried Japan's long run snacks "Pakkuncho". Let see which will get the high score Strawberry VS Chocolate! For more information...

What Japanese Snacks to Buy?

Follow Nanami as she shops in Shojikiya & chooses 4 recommended Japanese snacks, see what she has to say about them!

Calpis Cultured Milk Drink Review by Miss Unlock Japan Rena

We introduce Rena - UJ Ambassador, reviews various Calpis Cultured Milk Drink! Give it a try.

Episode 1: Explore with Miss Unlock Japan!

Miss UJ Carmen tries Japanese Candies. Watch now to hear her reviews about them.
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