Japanese Writer, Designer & Baker in Malaysia

Please tell us about your work.
I design, illustrate, and bake if there is a request, but mainly I write stories and illustrate it as a children’s book. But I am a stay-at-home-mother, and the priority goes to looking after my children and housework like cleaning up, doing laundries, cooking, helping baby and toddler bath, check on their homework. I do all those artworks during hiatus or early in the morning when everybody is sleeping.

My stories are not only for kids, but also for adults. We all have been children once before, and inner child does exist in everyone’s heart. I write and draw out the messages to everyone through my stories. I put my books at the guesthouse which my in-laws manages, and many adult guests from overseas read it and purchase it.

Some have said,

“It guides me to the way I’ve been looking for.”
“The story gave me a lot of emotions in every pages.”
“Your book is now my daughters big favorite. Thank you.”

It is the greatest thing to know and feel that my stories touch the hearts of others.

What you are currently working on?
I have just done a crowd funding project to publish my book in Japan by myself. To date, I have published several books in Malaysia, Korea, Philippine, but not in my country, unfortunately. So, I called for support to make this happen. It was successful and now I am in negotiations with publisher in Japan.

Illustrated story books by Norico Chua | Credits: Norico Chua

What is the inspiration for your work?
My kids and music. Kids are brilliant, their great ideas come out naturally and endlessly in their daily life. Music is good. Some are very inspirational. I listen many types.

We would love for you to tell us about the children’s books you have written or illustrated.
I have 5 published books.

A Cake Reaching to the Sky – A boy who loves teatime with his grandma. One day she’s gone. The boy wishes to eat cake with her again and decides to build a big cake that reaches the sky.

The Werewolf and His Moon – There was a lonely boy who lives in a city alone. The story begins when the moon disappears from the sky. The boy meets a girl.

The Yellow Lion and the Blue Lion – When yellow and blue become green, sunlight and water grows a forest. Animals are once had two lion kings in their forest.

The Rocket Caterpillar – There was a strange caterpillar with a rectangle body shape, rainbow patterns, and a Rocket tail! He has never transformed into a butterfly, so he decided to go on a journey one day.

The Moonlight Princess – This is one of the oldest Japanese folktales. It is a story about the princess from the bamboo going back to the moon in the end. I love this story so I decided to illustrate it for others to enjoy.

The Moonlight Princess by Norico Chua | Credits: Norico Chua

Do let us know where and how we are able to find and purchase your books.
They are available in the Westwood Highland Guesthouse and you can purchase them in Borders Bookshop. But if the books are out of stocks, please visit this website (Magic Bird World) and order books.

Do you have messages for our readers?
I would not stop making children books until the end because that’s what I can do to contribute for our children’s education. They are our future. No matter what you do, be good and kind. Kindness is not merely for the sake of others. One good turn deserves another. It eventually changes the world. Our beautiful world.

Westwood Highland Artist Painting | Credits: Westwood Highland

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