Mayumi Murata, Founder of BEAUTY GENE, is the epitome of natural beauty that exudes from a well-defined visage. She sat down with UNLOCK JAPAN to introduce her beauty salon, BEAUTY GENE Professional, and talk about how eyebrows and eyelashes are key to a person’s good looks.

UNLOCK JAPAN: Please tell us about BEAUTY GENE and what you offer.

Mayumi Murata: BEAUTY GENE is from “Genetic of Beauty”, which signifies that by beautifying eyebrows, eyelashes & nails, the beauty within a person is awakened to bring about natural and dignified beauty. That is the emphasis here at this beauty salon.

UJ: How does the services differ from the outlets you have in Japan and this one in Malaysia? Is there a difference in the market and services requested by your customers here?

MM: BEAUTY GENE targets high end customers, both in Malaysia and Japan. We started in Japan at high end malls. Our outlets in Malaysia are at Bangsar Shopping Centre, Plaza Mont Kiara, and The Gardens Mall. We are hoping to open in Pavilion soon as well.

When it comes to pricing, we started the same as Japan however, because of the price issue, not many customers came which is why we have adjusted the price accordingly. We are still exploring how to cater to Malaysians. We have reduced to reasonable prices to allow more people to experience our products and services in hope that we will gain more repeat customers. The language issue is perhaps a reason too; it is hard to introduce the technology that we bring from Japan. I am trying to teach to our local staff here slowly.

There is no difference in the technology in our Malaysian and Japanese outlets for eyebrow styling and eyelash extension. Dare to say, we have a top-level technician from Beauty Gene Japan always stationed here at our Malaysian salon where we promise to provide even better services using advanced technology, like that in Japan.

Furthermore to compare, we provide embroidery technology which has not been done in Japan at all. We are able to provide custom-made beautiful eyebrows suitable to the shape of your face by combining beautiful eyebrows & embroidery that will not disappear like normal makeup, or require additional touch-ups. Also, some of our outlets provide nail treatment that uses Japanese technology.

UJ: What would be your message to our readers?

MM: 80% of the impact of a person’s face is from their eyes. In countries like Malaysia with its hot tropical climate, there is a sense of freedom and liberation in wearing less on the face. That’s why natural and healthy beauty (of the eyes) would suit Malaysians here more than the application of heavy layers of makeup.

One can be beautiful with just a well-trimmed set of eyebrows, thick luscious eyelashes, and gorgeous nails. Even without make-up, one can be beautiful. We offer natural beauty, the Japanese way. We want women to embrace their beauty from within.

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BEAUTY GENE Professional MY

Kana Saito, Salon Director of BEAUTY GENE at Bangsar Shopping Centre

The Gardens Mall
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Plaza Mont Kiara

TEL: 03-2011 5766

FACEBOOK: Beauty Gene Professional MY

INSTAGRAM: @beautygenemy


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