Kotoshina Organic Skin Care

Article by: Azie, Writer

KOTOSHINA is an organic skin care brand from Kyoto, established in 2012 with the partnership of Uji, Kyoto an organic tea garden and organic cosmetic manufacturer in France. The packaging is derived from natural ingredients, which means it is recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

This brand does not use any synthetic colourant or fragrance. In fact, this organic skin care brand proud themselves with the organic certification from France called Qualite France and another one from Cosmebio Label. This definitely gives their users the confidence to buy their brand.

Kotoshina Face Lotion Brigtening with Green Tea 
Source: Kotoshina Official website

This product is made in France and the price retails at ¥4,200. It contains organic green tea ingredients from Kyoto which are combined with tea seed oil and many other plant- based ingredients that has moisturizing properties. Moreover,Other than that, the water used in this product is a traditional French beauty skin beliefs which acquired from their hot spring water called Gamarde les Bains. This product contains 99% natural ingredients.

Kotoshina Beauty Oil Green Tea
Source: Kotoshina Official Website

This beauty oil is made in Japan with the retail price of ¥ 7,500 for 30 ml and 70% of it is made of a moisturising organic oil from Kyoto Uji. It keeps your skin looking smooth and supple soft throughout all four seasons. The ingredients used in this product are 100% natural. This product has fulfilled the requirements of the Ecocert organic certification.

Kotoshina Face Mist 150 ml
Source: Kotoshina Official Website

This Face Mist is made in France with the retail price of ¥ 4,000 for 150 ml. It contains natural green tea spa water from France and the organic green tea from Uji Kyoto. The face mist helps your skin feels refreshed, moisturised, and it also very calming. The traditional French beauty secret from the hot spring water which is called Gamarde les Bains is also used in this product. There is no synthetic colourant used. The product is made of 99% natural ingredients.


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