It’s not surprising to hear that Japanese food is commonly associated with all things high-quality and high-class. It is without a doubt that Japanese food technology has risen significantly to keep up with the changing styles of Japanese consumers and food trends in recent decades. The highly progressive development of food technology has allowed Japan to sustain itself in the future with various innovations by implementing a high-tech and smart agricultural system in terms of farming with digital aid to enhance food production, manufacturing, processing and preparation, in a more efficient and profitable way. The whole process of getting food from farm to restaurant to fork has never been easier.
With the invention of delivery applications, local businesses can meet the demands of consumers head on in an easy and intuitive way.

If you are living in Japan or are visiting and have a craving for local cuisine, you can simply download some of the most popular and trendy applications that are widely used by the locals in Japan. GAST APPLICATION (GASUTO APURI) is the top rated food app due to its free-of-charge download and that it provides users coupons for discounts to use in restaurants.Believe it or not, but you can also check for special, seasonal items without having to visit the restaurant. They also provide information on the calorie content of each dish on the menu for those who have to watch what they eat.

With the use of promo codes, why not give popular app UberEATS a try, a new venture from Uber into the food industry. This food delivery service enables customers to order their desired cuisine to wherever they are whether it’s at home or busy at the office. Ordering food with UberEATS is hassle free and they pride themselves on speedy responses and delivery times. From the moment you place your order, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food in no time. UberEATS deliver a wide range of food, from inexpensive comfort food to gourmet meals, delivered right to your doorstep by friendly Uber drivers.