Limited Edition Sakura Goodies

1. Sakura Strawberry Kit Kat

With the celebrations of school entrance ceremonies and graduations during Spring come four special sets of chocolates that include four specially marked packs dedicated to the cherry blossom in Japan. This newest collection has been popularized and commercialized online and at Japanese Kit Kat Chocolatory boutique stores. Packaged in a large cylindrical tube that resembles a scroll-like graduation certificate adorned with beautiful pale pinkish cherry blossoms, are five Sakura Strawberry Kit Kats wrapped up in vacuum-sealed plastic to keep all the delicate flavors fresh. What is more captivating is the sakura charm that comes with each Kit Kat set; crafted in the shape of a fully-bloomed sakura flower, it is made exclusively from the wood of the cherry blossom.

2. Sakura Cherry Blossom Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Japan announced the release of its new peach-flavored Coca-Cola. This year and limited just for Spring, the bottle which boasts a stylish slim-line design and is covered with sakura petals and set in a pale pink base color. It is the trendiest item to be seen carrying at any of the Spring events this March, especially at cherry blossom viewing parties. The 250ml bottle, retailed for 125 yen, is available in all supermarkets or any nearby convenient shops.

3. Sakura Mini Bon by Cinnabon Japan

“Sakura Mini Bon,” a cherry blossom flavored cinnamon roll will be available in the market by a cinnamon roll-specialized store, Cinnabon. The cream cheese frosting infused with the flavor of cherry blossom on the cinnamon roll is absolutely decadent to be devoured during the beautiful sakura season. These rolls are sold at the price of 390 yen each and are only available in Tokyo at the these stores – Roppongi Store / Futakotamagawa Rise S.C. Store / COCOON CITY Store / atre Kichijoji Store.



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