Mikans are hand picked by Mr. Koji Okahata local producer, Chairman of the Shimotsu Mikan Association and a member of Japan Agriculture (JA).

Passionate Chairman of the Shimotsu Mikan Association, Mr. Okahata, shares his thoughts on the challenges of growing the Shimotsu Mikan.

Mr. Okahata states that ‘the weather is the main determining factor of the mikan’s quality and production. The process involves many people and climate change will affect not only the production of mikan but the overall economy. The life cycle of the Shimotsu Mikan is complex, from planting, flowering, fruiting, harvesting and storing. It is a delicate fruit which is why we take the processing very seriously in order to produce the perfect mikan.’ Mikans are stored in the Kura cellar because of the temperature in the storage, which is 5 to 10 °C and about 85% humidity, an optimum storage environment for oranges. Humidity vary depending on where mikans are placed in the storehouse, therefore the boxes are frequently switched around to ensure all oranges are even quality.

“I truly hope people in Malaysia would continuously enjoy the best mikan Japan has to offer.”


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