Article by Sue Thang

1. Miso Ramen by Menya Saimi

Located within a 5 minute walk from Misono Station, you’ll see long queue outside this small restaurant throughout their opening times. The tonkotsu-based miso ramen RM28 (¥750) brings out the best of both worlds – the sweet and rich taste.


2. Crab Buffet at Suntory’s Garden Sora


Located conveniently near to Sapporo station, this is the place to go to try 3 major types of crabs (the hairy, the snow and red king crab). Limited only to dinner time, this 90-minute buffet session RM121 (¥3,240 per pax) only serves customers with reservations.


3. Cream Puffs by Milk Kobo


This place is on almost all tour group’s itineraries! Try their famous cream puffs RM5.60 (¥150) filled with thick, milky cream that melts in your mouth within seconds!

4. Sapporo Beer at Sapporo Beer Museum


What’s better than tasting Sapporo beer at its own brewery? Get a combo of 3 different beers at only RM 22.40 ¥600)!



5. Hokkaido Milk Soft Cream by Missue House


These milk ice creams RM 13.80 (¥370) produced by Hokkaido-quality cows is famous with its blue honeysuckle topping – a special type of berry found in Hokkaido.


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