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With 22% of the total cover land area of the country, Hokkaido is the largest island in Japan, and the 21st largest island in the world. The beauty and the four distinctive seasons in Hokkaido have gifted people with numerous magnificent sceneries. One can experience the many attractions of this island with a blend of traditional cultures, beautiful landscapes, varieties of delicious seasonal cuisine, and a lot of interesting cultural activities that can be done with the locals there. There is no best season to visit Hokkaido as every season has its own distinctive charms. If only we could take a whole year off on holiday so we could experience everything Hokkaido has to offer! Hokkaido welcomes people from all around the world regardless of nationality, religion or ethnicity. This is proven with the famous, heart-warming hospitality of the locals which has gained much satisfaction from visitors. The locals pride themselves upon their responsibility and hospitality towards visitors which has garnered much respect and overwhelmingly positive feedback in return.

Sapporo is the biggest city in Hokkaido and the 5th most populated city in Japan. With a beautifully aesthetic mix of natural and urban surroundings, Sapporo creates an open and welcoming feel. Shopping malls, high-rise buildings and outlets can be seen everywhere in Sapporo and blend beautifully with the surrounding natural scenery. You can get everything you could need in Sapporo without having to go to Tokyo, Osaka or even Kyoto. You can easily enjoy all the leisurely activities that Sapporo has to offer.

Donan, which on the Southern part of Hokkaido, is an area rich with historical and cultural values and not forgetting its breathtaking nature and scenery. Hakodate has its popularity due to it being strategically located in the center of the Southern Area of Hokkaido. There are many exotic places to do sightseeing and it is also blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood which will never fail to fulfill your appetite.

On the other side, if you want to experience the pure Hokkaido nature, the Northern Area is always your best choice to visit with its majestic mountains and rugged coastlines. If you are lucky enough, you may also get the chance to enjoy the flower blooming seasons. Moreover, an outdoor onsen (hot-spring) is a must to try in Hokkaido, especially when you have the view of the mountains around you. You will definitely fall in love with Hokkaido, a breath-taking and unique island which never fails to reward its visitors with some of the best natural beauties that Japan has to offer.

There are a number of ways to reach Hokkaido, firstly you can fly straight to the New Chitose Airport or if you’d rather take the more scenic route, Hokkaido is also accessible by car, ferry and the world famous bullet train. Yokoso Hokkaido!



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