First thing that comes to mind when it comes to Japanese fashion is the eccentric Harajuku-district style of Tokyo. However Japanese fashion does not stop there; it also brings out the adventurous street- style fashion to minimalist fashion style. COCO concept store is a Japan-inspired fashion company that can be found in Malaysian Malls now.

The COCO concept store was founded by a group of aspiring young designers that bring the touch of Japanese street minimalist style in effortless comfort for men and women.

PHOTO CREDITS: Travellover823

The oversized jacket is one of the popular minimalist japanese street style. This look gives you an edgy street look but is so simply to paired with your everyday casual style. The jacket, seen in this photo, is paired with a stripped crop top, ripped leggings, and sneakers. Top it off with a cap to accessorise accessories the whole look.

Minimalist meets chic in this look. Effortlessly simple look makes the model looks clean and neat for a even a casual look all in one. The stripped top accentuating the waist is amazing for the modern cut we always look for to show off our curves. This look can be paired with a tight jeans or leggings as well as a white sneakers to bring a contrast look for the whole style.

COCO Men’s Collection
PHOTO CREDITS: bettyjourney

The mens section from COCO also brings the element of minimalist but macho into it. That jacket is the centre of attention to the whole look that is paired with a simple white top and a black shorts. This look is so easy to put together and you will go wrong with a jacket paired with jeans and a white shirt as well.

Other than the fact that its minimalist touch of Japanese fashion would inspire most of the men and women in Malaysia it is also recommended because of their price range that is actually affordable and reasonably priced. Take a stroll to your nearest COCO concept store now in malls such as Melawati Mall, IOI Mall, and Kluang Mall, to name a few.


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