Japan’s Top Five Beauty Products

Article by: Vender Loh, Writer

Every year at Cosme, Japan’s biggest beauty community reveals users’ most loved and honoured products. There are many categories of products including those named in the The Best Cosmetics Awards 2019 but here are the top five beauty products loved by users in Japan and why it is where it stands in the current Japanese beauty trend setting award.

Face Mask

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Quality 1st・All In One Sheet Mask Grand Moisture (¥1,500)

This amazing daily all-in-one sheet mask is the first of its kind with the combination of lotion, cream, and emulsion. To provide full moisturizing treatment, the best of many beneficial ingredients are used for this mask and some of them are hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, ceramide, and collagen. Moreover, it is made of Japanese pure cotton which is 30% thicker than normal sheet masks. 

Lip Care

d program LIP MOIST ESSENCE COLOR (¥1,500 yen)

This lip care essence with its low irritation formulation is made especially for sensitive skin. It is free of paraben, alcohol, and mineral oil. It has also no fragrance nor artificial colouring.  The lip essence helps retains moisture with a touch of soft colour finish. The moisture is said to last very long and keeps the lips looking plumper.

Eyelash Care

CEZANNE Eyelash Essence EX (¥500)

This eyelash essence helps to provide moisture and strength to the eyelashes with one quick application. It is fast drying and can be applied as a mascara base.  It is free of fragrance, non-mineral oil, surfactant, and tar-based pigment. Its ingredients includes Widelash™*, ginseng root extract, calendula officinalis flower extract, and many more. 

Hair Care

Dear Beauté HIMAWARI Oil in Shampoo Rich & Repair Shampoo/Conditioner

The shampoo retains moisture and helps to restore damaged hair to a supple soft texture. There are four kinds of amino acid cleansing ingredients that helps the process to clean the hair thoroughly. The conditioner retains moisture while restroing the damaged hair effectively by smoothing it out, leaving your hair sfot and well moisturised with a floral scent. 


CHANEL CHANCE EAU TENDRE Eau de Parfum Spray (¥11,000 yen)

This Eau de Parfum spray has a fruity floral scent which is very tender hence the name. This particular one is a signature Chance bottle which is reproduced with an elegant silver cap and gold accent. The composition notes in this bottle is Jasmine Absolute and Rose Essence which is an intoxicating soft feminine scent. 


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