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When it comes to visiting Japan, most of us would already have a set itinerary in mind, crafted with the plethora of information online and offline of ‘must sees’ and ‘must dos’. Yet, very few have themed their visit to one’s own beauty and wellbeing welfare. Panasonic allows you to make your journey to Japan truly unique; on top of the normal tourist attractions of skyscrapers, foodgasmic adventures, and nature sightseeing sessions, you will now be able to give yourself a gratifying self-care and beautifying experience with this top-quality global brand.

From TVs and AVs, air solutions, home appliances, cameras, and even batteries, Panasonic has long made its mark as a common household product name. Panasonic has also been known to help with enhancing our beauty and self-confidence with its revolutionary and cutting-edge face, hair, and body care products.

As creativity is synonymous with the Japanese, Panasonic has recently spiced up its collection of beauty products by tying it with the signature Japanese cherry blossom season of the country to give us the Sakura Pink Collection.

Products in this Sakura Pink Collection are the Warming Kassa EH-SP20, Facial Ionic Steamer Nanocare EH-SA9A, Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA5B, Eye Warming Massager EH-SW68, Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38, Eyelash Curler with Separate Comb EH-SE51, Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DP53 and Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Pocket Doltz EW-DS42.

A few honorable mentions from this collection is The Warming Kassa EH-SP20, released last year in November, is a small and rechargeable lymphatic drainage massager. This nifty piece designed with four fitting curves give users massage-like sensations on the face and body that will stimulate lymphatic flow, to help remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues.

Steamer & Warming Kassa EH-SA4PCM limited set

A limited set of this duo will be released in early spring, and it is recommended to use these two products together. While the Warming Kassa helps you feel good within, the Facial Ionic Steamer Nanocare gives you a calming spa treatment whilst helping you to achieve firm and supple skin so you can exude radiance in all your pictures!

Extend the hydration from your face to your hair. The Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA5B makes your crowning glory even more glorious with Nanoe, a moisture-rich, ultra-fine ion generated from air moisture, which helps to penetrate the hair to give users silky smooth hair and healthy scalp. Stay frizz-free throughout your trip with this one!

Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NBA5B

Rejuvenate the eyes after a day of sightseeing with Eye Warming Massager EH-SW68. With three different programs ranging from soft to firm, your eyes will be pampered with warm scented steam using 100% natural essential oil aroma tablets. Choose to relax with lavender, bergamot, geranium, tea tree, or ylang ylang.

Eye Warming Massager EH-SW68

The Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38, which comes with Panasonic’s original human hand airbag designed to replicate a masseuse’s hand movement, to give your legs the ultimate treatment by tending to the tired areas whilst promoting blood circulation. Nothing like your personal massaging device to ensure your legs are feeling their best throughout your entire holiday in Japan! This massager is compact and fits easily in your bag, but the most outstanding feature is how it functions without emitting a sound as the pump is suppressed by a silencer, and that means you could whip it out to be used anywhere without bringing much attention to yourself.

Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38

So how does one relish in the wellbeing benefits of Panasonic beauty products during one’s trip to Japan? Panasonic raises the bar to give their consumers a rewarding experience through their Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA in Ginza and Salon de Beauty located in Panasonic Center Osaka, where visitors are not only able to see an impressive showcase of premium beauty product range under this brand but also experience the latest appliances for face and body care. A visit to the two salons is akin to a spa treatment.

At Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA, visitors will be able to undergo a skin analysis using Panasonic’s Snow Beauty Mirror followed by a free consultation by a professional stylist who will recommend suitable beauty appliances. A famous make-up artist, Kevin Lao Shi even has visited the salon before and it was featured in Taiwan’s famous beauty care show, Queen!

Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA
A visit from Kevin Lao Shi, a well-known celebrity make-up artist, made his visit to Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA
Salon de Beauty
Interior look of Salon de Beauty

Salon de Beauty boasts of a highly functional dressing room and private rooms that gives their visitors the freedom and comfort to enjoy “one-person beauty treatment” services. Popular cosmetic brands are also available in this salon to allow visitors the optimum combination to enhance their beauty and wellbeing. This salon is every health-conscious beauty loving person’s paradise.

Both salons in Ginza and Osaka showcases the Sakura Pink Collection, therefore, take note of the locations if your Japan itinerary takes you to those two areas. There is nothing like getting product expert opinions face-to-face, and lovers of cherry blossoms should not miss out on testing, learning about, and purchasing Panasonic’s Sakura Pink Collection items, as they are only available in Japan.

Sakura Pink Collection

So while you take in all the breathtaking sights that the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer, treat yourself with a trip to Panasonic’s salons and their revolutionary beauty product range because Panasonic is not just about but making your journey in Japan an enriching one for the mind, body, and soul, but it gives you “A Better Life, A Better World”.

Panasonic Beauty Salon Outlets

TOKYO : Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA
Address : OZIO GINZA Building. 1-4F, Ginza 5-5-9, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-006
Hours: 11:00 – 20:00
*note that Panasonic Beauty SALON GINZA is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 season. Be sure to check the link for more updates.

OSAKA : Salon de Beauty
Address : 530-0011 Grand Front Osaka South 2F, 4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
Hours : 10:00 – 20:00
*note that Salon de Beauty is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 season. Be sure to check the link for more updates.


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