TRY THIS: Japanese B-kyu Gurumet

Do not be surprised whenever you bump into super long queues or crowds of eager customers lining at the door of restaurants or food stalls in demand of fancy and mouthwatering Japanese dishes such as a ramen, udon, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, donburi, kaiten-sushi etc. If you are a foodie or a traveler, you should never miss the chance of getting B-kyu Gurume (B-kyu-Gourmet) in Japan.

According to one of the many theories associated with B-kyu gourmet, is known as the inexpensive B-grade version of an A-grade cuisine, and “gurume” is simply the Japanese way of pronouncing “gourmet”. The concept was implemented in 1985 when the Japanese economy took a turn for the worse and people were not able to spend as much on gourmet meals. B-kyu Gurume was introduced as reasonably priced options to the people who desired good hearty cuisines infused with strong Japanese regional flavors comparable to those in high-class restaurants.

Traditional dishes such as Motsunabe (a hotpot made with cow or pig offal), Tonkotsu (pork bones broth), and Ramen (hot soup and noodles) which were known to be famous in the smaller Fukuoka cities as that of Hakata, have since risen in popularity among the people as B-Kyu Gurume meals.

The enthusiasm and demand for Japanese B-kyu Gurume has seen no ends. While it can be found everywhere in Japan at restaurants, eateries, izakaya (Japanese bars) or yatai (street stalls), it is even available here in Malaysia!

At Hanamaru Udon in Kuala Lumpur, the best of ingredients are delivered through unique cooking methods to incorporate traditional flavors like that of the Japanese Hanamaru taste in its B-kyu Gurume menu. Dishes such as the spicy miso udon, kitsune udon, ontama bukkake, and salad udon are served with prices that don’t bore a hole in your pocket, and each serving is well-balanced, filling, and scrumptious. When it comes to getting the best of Japanese cuisine in Malaysia, there should be no reason to not make B-kyu Gurume your first choice!