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Autumn Delicacies

The dropping of temperature and decrease in the sun’s scorches indicates the arrival of autumn. Every season has...

Miss UJ Nanami DAISO Food Review!

Don't miss out on what Nanami has cooking this time from DAISO. Let us know what you think!

Explore with UNLOCK JAPAN with Miss UJ Carmen! UFO Instant Noodles

Follow Miss UJ Carmen as she visits the Shojikiya Store for a review of the UFO instant Noodles!


For Takoyaki Lovers Any traveler seeking some good grub on the streets of Japan would be familiar...

On the Ramen Trail

Ichiran Ramen in Fukuoka Learn About and Eat Japan's Most Famous Ramen Brand at Its Birth Place

DAISO at Tokyo Street [Snack Review] by Miss UJ Carmen

https://youtu.be/M92Sc1Qy3R0 Find out what goodies Carmen got this month!

Where The Sun Rises for Foodies

Japanese cuisine has increasingly through the years become more popular with many people from different parts of the globe. The offerings...
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