Autumn Delicacies

Article by Vender Loh, Writer

The dropping of temperature and decrease in the sun’s scorches indicates the arrival of autumn. Every season has its own special offerings of food. Below are the ones that you should not miss out on, if you are visiting Japan this autumn!

Pacific saury (sanma)

Sanma which is known as Pacific saury, is usually consumed the most in autumn. Even though small in size, this fish has a very rich taste to it. It is usually served grilled, with a little bit of salt sprinkled for added taste. It is a popular food amongst the Japanese as it is very nutritious, containing various vitamins and fish oil. Usually eaten with its crispy skin, sanma is best enjoyed by adding a squirt of lime juice, mashed daikon (Japanese radish) or soy sauce to bring out the natural flavours. Accompanied by a bowl of rice and miso soup, it is a perfect meal to keep you energised for the day.

Persimmon (Kaki)

Persimmon is known as kaki in Japanese. Every season has its own special offerings of food. This fruit is also available in Malaysia. It is popular for its soft and jelly-like texture. Also, it has more Vitamin C than lemons.


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