Bento Section

Karaage Chicken Bento
The bento was neatly packed and so fresh. You get a decent amount of rice in your bento as well as a generous portion of Karaage. Accompanying the Karaage is a half hard-boiled egg and a mixture of vegetables and mushrooms.

Drink Section

The taste of Family Mart’s Oolong-tea is refreshing and is less bitter compared to other teas. Pair this with a bento and you’re good to go.


Snack Section

Sweet Potato Sticks
Sweet and crunchy. Once you start you won’t be able to stop. This is good to eat with tea.


Onigiri Section

Tuna Onigiri
The combination of two of the most popular Japanese foods, tuna and onigiri, it is one of the best treats out there.


Oden Section

This hot slice of daikon in a light soy flavoured dashi broth is fantastic. You can try two different types of soups to accompany the daikon.




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