1. Haru – Spring
(March to May)

Temperature: Average around 18.5°C

Things to do: Cherry blossom viewings must be on the top of your list! These pale pink Sakura flowers will leave you in awe. Why not have a hanami (flower viewing) party under a fully-bloomed cherry tree at one of the parks?


2. Natsu – Summer
(June to Mid September)

Temperature: Average around 25°C – 35°C

Things to do: Despite summer starting off with a rather gloomy and tsuyu (rainy) weather, this is the time of the year where many amazing matsuri (festivals) and fireworks are held. The Japanese also take this opportunity to run towards the lovely coastal areas to enjoy Japan’s beaches.


3. Aki – Autumn
(Mid September to early December)

Temperature: range from 14 – 23°C

Things to do: Experience koyo (changing foliage) in every part of Japan, be it in the forest or the streets. This time of the year, trees and plants in forests, gardens, and parks change their wardrobe from green to golden brown or red. The Japanese also go for tsukimi (moon viewing) in September to honor the Autumn moon (a variant of the chinese mid autumn festival).


4. Fuyu – Winter
(December TO Mid March)

Temperature: 5°C or lesser with snowfall

Things to do: Do not miss the Yuki Matsuri held in Sapporo for one week every February. There you can find hundreds of ice sculptures as well as fun areas for snow slides and rafting. On top of that, it is the best time to go for a skiing trip!


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