Your Soul-blossoming Paradise

1. Higashizawa Rose Park, Yamagata Prefecture

PHOTO CREDITS: TripAdvisor by Shiroishi, Japan

This 7-hectare rose park has more than 20,000 roses from 700 species. Visitors are able to view one of the most prominent species of roses, which is the Murayama rose that is bred regionally in Murayama Prefecture. Customarily, the seasonal Bara Matsuri (Rose Festival) will be held during the summer months of June and July. From The middle of September to late October, there is Autumn Rose Festival that exhibits an extensive collection of roses that bloom in Autumn every year. This is why it is recommended to visit visit the garden during the golden period from early June to late October. 

1-25 Tateokahigashizawa, Murayama, Yamagata Prefecture 995-0023, Japan

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2. Himawari no Sato (Hokuryu Sunflower Village), Hokkaido Prefecture

Sunflower at Himawari no sato

This village is known as one of the Japan’s largest sunflower gardens which features 1.5 million sunflowers spread out over a 23 hectare area. It is located in a small countryside town call Hokuryu-cho in Uryu district of Hokkaido Prefecture. As the full bloom vehins from the early to mid-August of every summer, you can enjoy and explore the vibrant sunflower maze by strolling around with friends and family. Since the entry is free, it could get crowded with local and international visitors at the full sunflower-bloom period. 

143-2. Itaya. Hokuryu-cho, Uryu-Gun, Hokkaido

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3. Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki Prefecture

Hitachi Seaside Park

Covered in more than 4.5 million of the seasonal highlights that is the baby blue eyes (Nemophila) on a 3.5 hectare hill is the Hitachi Seaside Park where you can enjoy the peak of the blossoms from late April to mid-May. As it spreads over all the green spaces of Miharashi Hill, the baby blue flowers creates an exquisite and magnificent contradiction with the azure atmosphere. There are also facilities like amusement park and cycling and walking trails for visitors to spend leisurely there. Entrance into the park costs around ¥410 for adults and ¥80 for elementary school and junior high school students.

605-4 Onuma-aza, Mawatari, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki 312-0012, Japan.

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4. Hitsujiyama Park, Saitama Prefecture

Hitsujiyama Park

This park is a hill of pink moss field that allows you to get a glimpse of the spectacular view of the whole Chichibu City. It is exceptionally captivating and attracts the crowds of visitors to come over from mid-April until early-May. Nearly about 400,000 creeping phlox flowers bloom to make a beautiful charming view. Undeniably, the strategic planting of moss pink (shibazakura) is incredible making it one of the reasons people swarm in throughout the peak season of the year. Admission fee into the park during the seasonal blooming is ¥300 for adults while junior and high school students and below get free entry.

6360 Omiya, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, 368-0023 Japan

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5. Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki Prefecture


Apart from featuring Dutch-style buildings that were built along with canals, windmills, and amusement rides, Huis Ten Bosch is also renowned for its seasonal flowers. As it has been entitled as “Kingdom of Flower”, you can find more than 700,000 tulips, creeping phlox, 1,000,000 roses, 14,000 hydrangea and sunflowers throughout the different seasons.

1-1 Huis Ten Bosch Machi, Sasebo, Nagasaki 859-3292, Japan

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