Tokyo’s Spring Festival at Hello Kitty Land where you can sate your sweet tooth while celebrating strawberries and blueberries

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Spring is fast approaching Japan and with it, the blooming of plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, and the sweetness of Japanese strawberries and blueberries. To celebrate the upcoming fruitful season, Sanrio Puroland also known as Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo is hosting “Puro Sweets – a very berry sweets party where guests can get a taste of specially created strawberry and blueberry sweets while they enjoy fruits-inspired shows. 

Just for this special occasion, Hello Kitty Land Tokyo visitors are spoiled with an assortment of creatively  crafted strawberry and blueberry desserts that are readily available at the Yakata restaurant. One of these desserts not to be missed is the adorable Hello Kitty Baumkuchen. Saturday visitors are also in for an additional treat as the restaurant offers a special strawberry and blueberry sweets buffet at a supplementary charge.. And while you  indulge your sweet tooth, you also get to meet Puroland characters in sweets-themed outfits; these characters will meet, greet, and take photos with restaurant guests. 

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During this festival, strawberries and blueberries will dominate Puro Village stages in the day. From 10 January to 14 February (Valentine’s Day), visitors will be dazzled by “Ichigo Ichie – MyMelody’s Strawberry Illumination”, and from 15 February to 10 March, “Sparkle!! – Sweet Lights” featuring Hello Kitty will take centre stage. Both performances will culminate in a bright and pink illumination of Puro Village. 

In the evenings, visitors can look forward to “Miracllusion Happiness” featuring Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel in angel costumes. The show is further enhanced by its extraordinary illumination and projection-mapping technology that is sure to wow and dazzle kids, families, and couples alike. To help its guests commemorate the experience, several special photo spots have been set up across the theme park for the special occasion. 

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Children and fans of Sanrio characters will surely enjoy the ‘very berry character hug time’ in Puro Village where they can get up-close and personal with their favourite characters dressed in strawberry and blueberry-themed outfits. On Valentine’s Day, Hello Kitty and MyMelody will greet guests with unique candies to mark the occasion. 

According to Yuya Makizato of Sanrio Entertainment, “We want to make the start of 2020 ‘sweeter’ for our visitors to Hello Kitty Land Tokyo. The beginning of the year is also the season for the Japanese “spring strawberries” which are very sweet and aromatic. In addition to that, the event embraces a new tradition, which emerged in Japan over the past few decades, to give sweets to loved ones in February and March.”

Located in Tama New Town, Hello Kitty Land is easily accessible from Shinjuku station by a one-hour train. Its location makes it ideal for a day trip or an overnight adventure for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan that is Tokyo. There are accommodations in the vicinity of the theme park, some even themed after the famous cat. The Tama train station is also worth a visit as there is no other station in the world that has Hello Kitty decorations and motifs on its walls and corners.  


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