It is not an unknown fact that Japan is one of the leading fashion industries in the world. Japanese fashion is liked by a lot of people for being simple, minimalistic, cute, and elegant, depends on each outfit style. In the meantime, Japanese girls are matching their lovely outfits with suitable makeup look.

Recently, “transaparency-makeup” is a very popular trend in Japan. Even in Malaysia, we could follow this guide as this particular Japanese makeup style is known to be natural and suitable for daily life. The good thing is, the makeup items for this “transparent-makeup” is available online and in offline stores. Let’s take a look at the gorgeous newly- released Japanese makeup products in this season of pumpkin spice latte and fallen yellow leaves!


This Mat Fleur Cheeks series is a blush that comes in matte form, without shimmering powder. Blush is very important as it could brighten up our faces and make us look energetic and cute. This 05: Mat Pumpkin acts as a very natural blush and could not be more suitable to be used for daily makeup look. It contains sebum-absorbing powder, which means that even staying under Malaysia’s hot and humid weather, it is impossible to melt off. Another plus point -, it blurs out the pores around our cheek! It is priced at ¥800 excluding tax. 


Cezanne is a drug store makeup brand. With their products made in Japan, they are known for high quality, yet affordable. This is one of the reasons why this brand is popular among young Japanese girls, other than the fact that their products come in adorably designed packages. To celebrate autumn, Cezanne came out with four new single-color eyeshadows.

The bright colors – pink and red – brighten up the entire look, and making one look young and cute. Meanwhile, the other two – beige and shimmer – are very natural and low-tone and appropriate to be worn daily to class or work. It is priced at ÂĄ400 excluding tax. 


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