Which One Is The Best For Me?

Travelling to Japan soon but having trouble finding a suitable accommodation?
Japan Offers a huge variety of interesting hotels to cater to travelers, but that would mean we could get a little indecisive over which one to choose as each of them is unique.


1. Traditional Japanese

Ryokan is one of the special accommodations that can only be found in an onsen (hot spring) area, for example Beppu in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu. In a traditional ryokan, you can experience sleeping on a futon in a tatami room. You may choose your own yukata to be worn before and after taking a bath in hot spring located inside or outside the ryokan itself. The stay at a ryokan gets you a set of tasty traditional yet nutritional Japanese breakfast called washoku – rice, miso soup, grilled fish, tamagoyaki, and vegetable.

Hotel Beppu Pastoral
Address: 1-4, Higashisoen, Beppu-Shi, Oita,
874-0836, Japan.
Price: RM 475+
Contact: +81 977-23-4201

2. Business
First Cabin

First Cabin is a cabin-style hotel built based on airplane’s first class “COMPACT BUT LUXURY” concept. It is usually located in the airport or inside a main JR station, offering a reasonable price range for a good night’s stay. Its 24 hours front desk makes it convenient for travelers who arrive late from flight. Also, it is an ideal place to stay at when on a short business trip.

First Cabin Midosuji Namba
Address: 542-0076 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo-ku Namba 4-2-1 Midousuji-Namba Bldg. 4F, Japan
Price: RM 169+
Contact: +81 6-6631-8090

If you still have not made up your mind, introduce four different types of hotel, special in its own way and value for money, especially some of them are only available in Japan. Whether you are travelling solo, with friends, with partner or with family, you could sure find one that suits you the best!

3. Modern
Capsule Hotel

A capsule hotel, also known as a pod hotel, is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features a large number of extremely small “rooms” (capsules) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require or who cannot afford to stay at a conventional hotel. Located everywhere in Japan, the capsule hotel is suitable for the solo traveler.

Bunka Hostel Tokyo
Address: 1-13-5 Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan
Price: RM 119+
Contact: +81 3-5806-3444

4. Leisure
Love Hotel

Have you heard of love hotels? Love hotels are specially designed for couples. They can usually easily be identified from its unique yet fancy architecture from outside to inside. Every room in the love hotels is themed differently such as playground, prison, hospital, classroom and so on. Some even come with jacuzzi. The specialised rooms come at a rate higher for a kyūkei (rest) as well as for an overnight stay compared to other hotels. At every love hotel, the check-in procedure is extremely discreet, private and confidential to protect their customers. The process is usually done by machine or even manually, and the receptionist will not be able to see the customers face-to-face.

Address: 1-37-1 Higashiikebukuro, Tokyo 170-0013, Japan
Price: RM 176+
Contact: +81 3-3986-5015



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