Start your Journey from these Must-Visit Places

Article by Amber Cher

Sapporo Beer Museum has become a must-visit place when traveling in Hokkaido as it was registered as one of Hokkaido’s Heritage sites since 2004. It provides visitors with an introduction to the history of the oldest and most popular beer in Japan and the detailed processes in beer making and brewing! To get there you may take the Loop 88 Factory Line bus that stops among other places such as Odori station and in front of the Seibu department store near Sapporo Station. It departs every 20 minutes and costs 210 yen per ride.

By taking the Tozai Subway Line to the western terminal Miyanosawa Station, you will get to access the well-known Hokkaido confectionery space known as Shiroi Koibito Factory and its theme park Shiroi Koibito Park. You can savour the famous Shiroi Koibito cookies while enjoying the facilities and the deliciousness that fills the atmosphere there. A fun activity you can do there with family and friends and a sweet memory to remember your visit by, is making personalized 14-cm heart-shaped Shiroi Koibito cookies adorned with your own messages and designs made with all the original ingredients of the Shiroi Koibito cookies such as the same dough and chocolate.

Otaru Canal symbolizes Otaru, a port city located on the northernmost part of Hokkaido, as it serves as the main site of the town’s Snow Light Path Festival which is held annually during winter in February. During this time lanterns placed in the canal and gracefully float around. Lanterns are also placed within beautiful hand made snow sculptures and they line along the sides of the canal. The snow sculptures and floating lanterns beautifully illuminate the canals, creating an awe-inspiring and magical scene. You just need a ten minute walk down a sloping road from the JR Otaru station to reach the canal and it will be definitely hard to miss especially in the evenings. This festival is a must-see for visitors in the area.

Yunokawa, one of the famous hot spring resorts in Southern Hokkaido, is known for its great healing power since its first recognition in 1653. The relaxing spa, the exquisite atmosphere and also the local scenic beauty of Yunokawa have left tourists and locals who also love to visit with everlasting memories and a great impression on this amazing resort.

The Furano’s lavender usually starts blooming from late June till the mid-August every summer. Farm Tomita is the best spot to view the spectacularly colourful flower fields with a wide range of different species to discover. It provides free entrance to the public and there are also cafes and shops that sells enticing lavender scented perfumes, dried lavenders and even light purple lavender soft serve ice-cream!


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