This is Japanese lantern called “Cho-chin” It is a “landmark” for the people who seek an Izakaya

Izakaya are basically Japanese bars are drinking houses with a menu of little dishes for nibbling while at the same time drinking. It truly signifies “stay purpose shop” so generally this was a place where you could sit and drink on the premises. In today’s izakayas you can arrange nourishment and drink and hang out with companions for a night. Many additionally offer container keep where your incomplete jug of shochu is sitting tight for you when you return. Izakaya, truly signifies “stay-in” for i and “alcohol shop” for (zakaya); these are abundantly adored nearby foundations for easygoing drinking and feasting. Since the costs are generally more sensible than those at eateries and favor bars, they are most loved spots to snatch several beverages after work or host an easygoing get-together.

It is said that izakaya were begun in the Edo Period (1603-1867) when purpose was sold everywhere in individual servings. Individuals would drink before the alcohol shops, so in the end the shops started to serve straightforward sustenances to run with it. As matter of certainty, you can at present discover some alcohol shops that have spots to sit and drink with basic finger sustenance today.


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