1. Kid’s Line

Kid’s Line is a YouTube channel solely dedicated to kids and families. Niichan, a 10 year old girl and Konkun, a 7 year old boy are siblings and they give toy reviews by playing with them. They review toys on a daily basis for young children, and it is said that most Japanese parents show their kids the videos from Kid’s Line before buying toys for them.

With over 3.5 million subscribers, the fun and energetic duo is also featured in other channels like, KidsLine Fun, Toy Kids, animekids, ToysLine and Funny KidsLine Show. They are constantly updated with the latest popular Japanese toys, characters and also are active outdoors. Niichan and Kokun sometimes dress up as characters (cosplay) and play.

Although most of their channels are in Japanese, ToysLine is in English and has over 500 thousand subscribers. In this channel, they mostly post dress-up videos for Disney princess characters, Disney Tsum Tsum Toys, Peppa Pig and Play-doh. Follow their channels for a play date!

Kid’s Line:

Kid’sLine Fun:

Toy Kid’s:


2. Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun, a married couple started their YouTube channel in 2012 with the intention of keeping in touch while they were away from each other. They are also known as J-vlog(gers) which make fun and lighthearted videos of themselves having interviews with Japanese people, teaching culture, making documentaries, trying food and going on adventures around Japan.

Today, they have 1.3 million subscribers and a number of other channels which are JunsKitchen, Rachel and Jun’s Adventures, and Rachel and Jun Game. They enjoy sharing their personal life with their audience and have collaborated with other youtubers such as The Anime Man, Simon and Martina, Einshine and Miranda Ibanez.

Their video titled ‘Fox Village in Zao Japan!’ published July 2015 went viral and was featured on many websites. The video shows Rachel and Jun exploring the fox village and explaining what happens in the area, not to mention getting to hold and pet foxes. For more exciting videos from this lovely couple, follow them on their social media sites here!

Rachel and Jun:

Rachel and Jun Adventures (Vlog channel):

Jun’s Kitchen:

Twitter and Instagram:

3. Bilingirl Chicka

Chicka Yoshida is a Japanese YouTuber, who speaks two languages, Japanese and English. She lived in the United States for 16 years and came back to Japan. Yoshida’s inspiration to creating her YouTube videos started when one of her friend asked for help to correct her English in her resume. From then on, she started to make videos to teach Japanese people the proper way to speak English.

Although Chicka had to start from scratch, she kept to her passion and successfully built a channel from zero views to 1 million subscribers. Today, Chicka creates a range of videos which mostly include english lessons, travel, food, cosplay, giveaways, interviews, and many more.

In an interview with the Japan Times in 2014, Chicka says “I actually don’t like the filming part that much. What I love to do is to create things from scratch, and I really enjoy the editing process — watching it take shape,” If you are looking to see how Bilingirl Chicka teaches and her quirkiness, subscribe today!

Bilingirl Chicka:




4. Asahi Sasaki

Asahi Sasaki is a self-taught make up artist, part-time model and dancer. She creates beauty video tutorials for makeup, fashion, hair and nails. “I get inspiration from fashionable Japanese women and little things around me.” says Asahi. She also mentioned that she learned her make up skills from beauty gurus and gets inspiration from fashion magazines.

Asahi is unique and creative with the looks she creates, which is why she has more than 750 thousand subscribers. Her channel is interesting because it covers different types of makeup themes such as Halloween, traditional and cultural, daily looks, reviews and artsy looks.

She has a list of videos which went viral; the most popular has over 13 million views. To name a few – Vintage Doll + Broken Doll Halloween Makeup, Asian Empress Look for Face Awards Japan and 1,000 years of Japanese Beauty. Besides makeup, she also does travel J-vlogs of her trips to Asia. Subscribe to her channel for more Japanese makeup tips and ideas!








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