PURIKURA: Not Your Standard Photobooth

Japanese Purikura’s (photo booth) has been very popular over the decades, and has recently made its way overseas. These fancy photo booths are very popular amongst younger generations such as high school students. The pictures are edited and people are able to receive both a printed copy as well as a digital one.

‘Purikura’ is taken from the words purinto kurabu (literally print club). These bright colored photobooths produce colorful sticker photos with colorful backgrounds, face modification effects and cute stickers. They cost about 400 yen (RM 14.50) and if you are lucky, some older places cost only 100 yen – 200 yen (RM 3.60 – RM 7.20).

Japanese Purikura dressing tables are slowly transforming into to a girl’s bedroom. These dressing areas allow girls to do touch ups to their hair and makeup before they make their way into the photobooths. The walls are equipped with vanity mirrors and chairs, and most places supply curling irons and hair straighteners.

Purikura machines are located in arcades, fashion malls, and stations, basically areas where many high school students hang out after school. Japanese high schools have very strict dress code policies, and does not allow any makeup or styled hair. Therefore, girls often do their makeup and hair after school when they are off school campus. The installation of these facilities has switched the purikura scene.

Now, girls are able to get ready with their friends, share their girly moments and take memorable pictures. This trend has made a positive impact on the teenage girl culture in Japan.

Major Purikura Outlets:

Harajuku (Takeshita Dori), Shibuya (CLUB SEGA),
Shinjuku (TAITO STATION) and Osaka (Hep 5)


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